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About the website owner
Gerry Seymour

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  Mr. Seymour has been studying martial arts for three decades, with 20 years of experience in Nihon Goshin Aikido and varying experience in other arts. The majority of his training has been at the Aikido Academy of Self Defense in Spartanburg, SC, under Mr. John Wyndham, Sandan.

See the Aikido Academy of Self Defense (Spartanburg, SC)

Mr. Seymour offers group classes, private lessons, self-defense workshops, and security officer defensive training programs.

Other Work.  Outside the dojo, Mr. Seymour has extensive interest in business management consulting, and mentors self-employed entrepreneurs and business owners. His extensive experience as a management consultant has helped him bring a strrong understanding and business acumen to this practice. For more information, visit his professional website. For more information on TSK Group LLC, visit the TSK website.

Mr. Seymour has also taught motorcycle safety, and is an experienced classroom instructor and public speaker.


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