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Here are a few links I find useful. Some relate to Nihon Goshin Aikido, some to martial arts in general, and some are otherwise useful. More links will be posted as time and Web wanderings permit.

Nihon Goshin Aikido Links:

    • South Carolina dojos. This is the common website for the schools run by John Wyndham Sensei (the author's primary instructor) and John Carter Sensei, with specific information, news, and schedules for each dojo. www.aikidoacademy.com

    • Nihon Goshin Aikido Association. The official association web site for the branch of Nihon Goshin Aikido led by Bowe Shihan. www.aikidoinc.com

Other Links:

    • AikiWeb. A good resource on Ueshiba Aikido. www.aikiweb.com

    • Bu Jin Design. Excellent uniforms and weapons, and great customer service!  www.bujindesign.com

    • Asian World Martial Arts. A wide variety of supplies for the martial artist. www.awma.com

    • Century Martial Arts. Uniforms, training gear, and weapons for martial artists. www.centuryma.com

    • Hakama. If you wear it, you have to know how to tie and fold it.

    • Training weapons. 

      • These folks carry a wide range of training weapons designed for safe defensive training. Colorful guns feel like the real thing, but are plastic and can't shoot. Knives with proper weight and shape, but safe even for beginners. www.botac.com/traininggear.html 
      •  There are even more training knives here, and these are metal (with absolutely no edge or point) for more realistic take-aways and to get more accustomed to seeing actual metal in an attack. bloodsport.com

    • Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products. OPTP carries a variety of items used by physical therapists. Many are also useful for martial artists who wish to improve strength, balance, or flexibility, or who need to rehab an injury (of course, contact your doctor before using these things). www.optp.com/shop.cfm 

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