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The following are articles written on subjects pertinent to the study of Nihon Goshin Aikido and martial arts in general. On the whole, these articles are opinion, and are subject to interpretation. Treat them as food for thought and fodder for discussion. You may find others whose opinions differ. If you have articles you think would be pertinent and appropriate, feel free to submit them here.

The Principles in Our Classical Techniques. (Gerry Seymour) A discussion of the principles taught within the 50 Classical Techniques in NGA.

Evaluating a Dojo. (Bill Witt Shihan, Takemusu Aikido Association) Advice for a student in search of a school in which to study.

Assembling a Defense. (Gerry Seymour)  Recommendations on removing the pauses students tend to develop in defense situations.

A Swing and a Miss. (Tom Quinn, Nihon Goshin Aikido Association)  An overview of the four methods of not being hit by a punch.

Who's the Best? Comparing Styles. (Gerry Seymour)  The slippery slope of comparing styles.

The Answer. (Gerry Seymour)  On the search for that one right answer in martial arts. Based upon comments and teachings from Steven Weber Sensei, Godan.

Selecting a School. (Gerry Seymour)  Recommendations for the student - new or experienced - who is looking for a place to train in martial arts.

Creativity in Martial Arts. (Gerry Seymour) On thinking and learning creatively in a structured atmosphere.

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